Are Canadians defenceless in home invasion?

2013-06-21 00:47:58 by Wurfel-Waffles

June 14. Friday. My girlfriend and I were having good sleep together upstair. Then I heard something broke downstair, I woke up immediately. First I looked at the clock and it was only 3:30 AM. I thought it was my cat Edel dropped a vase or something, but then I heard footsteps echoed. What scared me that it was multiple footsteps walking. So on one hand I quickly grabbed my girlfriend's iron hairsprayer while the other I grabbed my t-shirt and quietly headed downstair.

All thanked to the bright streetlights shined in our living room that I saw these 2 guys which were opening all shelves. One of them were holding something that looked like somekind of shiv. I gently moved down and slowly sneaked behind the shiv-holding guy. He turned around and swung the shiv at me. I got a cut on chest, but then I covered the guy's head with the t-shirt, then struck the pointy part of the hairsprayer to his temple, twice. He dropped the shiv and felt down like a heavy bag. The other guy saw me and tried to throw a punch. Thanked to my past time military training, I tripped him while striking the hairsprayer to his forehead. I moved behind him and struck several times on head's back, neck, temple and finally one hard strike to the throat. He dropped down with no movement.

I woke my girlfriend, tried to calm her panics, grabbed the cellphone to dial 911. Cops arrived in less than 10 minutes (a miracle!). So the 2 cops walked in with their weapons on, told me to turn on the room's light. Once light was on, I immediately got goosebumps on my whole body. The 2 robbers weren't just being unconscious, one of the guy's head was bleeding. Right away, a cop checked their pulses on necks while another asked me what weapon did I use. I was still holding that hairsprayer, it has some blood on it... The 2 cops whispered to each other something then asked us about our identifications. Cops took photos around, collected the shiv and the hairsprayer; took our fingerprints. Then an ambulance vehicle arrived, paramedics moved in with their equipments and quickly moved the 2 'sandbags' on the ambulance vehicle.

Cops asked me to go with them. I cooperated and sit in the back of their police car. They drove to police station. I immediately got moved to a room with some cop. Then I didn't know how long was it, because literally a lot of questions were asked. I told them everything, including how I fucked those robbers, exactly what I wrote on here. Then we moved to another room and asked me to sign some paper, I did what they asked. Next thing I knew was I sitting in the jail, next to all kind of throat-cutting jerks. I did get some cup of water, but no food. God knew how long I was in there. I sit, walked, slept, took dumps then repeat. Then some cop came, took me out to the same room I first arrived, and we talked. He told me I was detained. I was close to being arrested. No charge was laid on me. But the cop repeated several times that I was lucky. He also told me that the robbers were recovering in hospital, but none about their crime situation.

So... why I was only detained...
- What I did on self-defence was reasonable and within Bill C-26's Section 34, 35 & 36.
- Attackers carried weapon, and did attacked me first with it.
- Attacker harmed me. Although it was very minor.
- The weapon I use was unconventional. The police did examine the hairsprayer, and it has no sharp part. Lucky, indeed.
- I defend my property on reasonable ground.

However, later I learned that the shiv-holding guy was arrested, while the other robber walked free. What the fuck, I told myself so. The cut on my chest is still hurting, but it hurts me more when criminal walks free. I'm very glad only a small newspaper talked about this incident. It sunk into the silence on next day.

What if I struck these 2 assholes harder? What if the hairsprayer had sharp parts? What if they had no weapon? I would be arrested, or ever lay charge with 2nd degree murder and get locked up at least 10 years.

Or. What if they had something longer than a shiv? What if they had gun or projectile weapons? What if I had nothing to defend myself? I wouldn't sit here in the living room and typing out this post. I would be at least in comma, or even dead, right now.

Are being a Canadian defenceless against home invasion?


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2013-06-21 04:58:21

Huh, some of our mutual friends have read this and left no words behind.
Coulda been worse bro 5
Glad you and your GF are okay, but, yeah, I'm pissed at the cops too! In the US, they never would've let the other guy walk... maybe one of the cops recognized the guy they let loose :\

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

mr-shark's hand is fucked up badly. Now I'm glad my chest's cut is a very light wound, just a couple of stitches. I should have that t-shirt on, perhaps I wouldn't even get cut.

To be honest, we Canadians are totally defenceless. It's illegal for civilians to use either Taser or pepperspray. Bean bag gun is prohibited. While most Canadian-made airsoft guns are nearly worthless in these situations. I could have gotten worse if I pick up something more lethal. Perhaps both robbers would walk free if I hit them harder, while I serve undeserved sentences. I live in the most restricted province in Canada, and I don't expect much protection from the government.

This story below shows how stupid is our law
http://fullcomment.nationalpost.c om/2013/04/29/matt-gurney-latest-
home-invasion-case-to-test-canada s-self-defence-laws/

Canada is becoming a nanny nation. Sigh.


2013-06-22 11:46:19

One hell of a story, man.
Can't believe the other guy walked out of there free O.o what kind of fucked up law enforcement is that?!

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

My case wasn't the worst. There were many other situations where criminals walked free and VICTIMS got arrested.

http://fullcomment.nationalpost.c om/2013/04/29/matt-gurney-latest-
home-invasion-case-to-test-canada s-self-defence-laws/


2013-06-23 07:48:04

Someday you are going to kill somebody man. Even with that Lucky Moose bill, I don't think most Canadians have their full rights to defence themselves from threats like this.

Did you use the hairsprayer by accident or actually intentional? I didn't know a hairsprayer was this lethal. Also, do you practice Krav Maga or Bojuka? Because based on your attacks, look like they come from either two of these martial arts.

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

Don't expect much from that bill. Like you do not expect much from the Harper's government.

I think I had grabbed the hairsprayer by accident. It was the nearest object I saw. I used to keep a Cold Steel karambit in my pocket wherever I went, but I removed it after I met my GF. That hairsprayer was bought by me from Shoppers Drug Mart for her about a month ago. It's quite long, thin but hard. Size of a bottle water. Of course you couldn't even knock off a dog using traditional attacks. But with the two sides, it becomes an extremely handy improvised CQC weapon.

I have Krav Maga G5. A bit of JKD and currently taking Wing Tsun. However I used minimal moves on Krav Maga, only used for the few final attacks. I advise you not to take Bojuka. It takes long time to study but ineffective against real situations. Krav Maga and JDK are a great mix for effective self-defence.

As an ex intelligence analyst from special force. I can show you several unconventional improvised weapons you should have when travel outside, which are totally legal to carry (legal from train to highest security's airport):

= Heavy-paper magazine: Roll it up tight, you have yourself a nice handy baton.
-- Rolled magazine is mostly used as run-on-mill & throwaway, and last-resort knife disarm.
= Hard-plastic dip pen: Reveal the tip, hold it like a knife, you get yourself a perfectly legal shiv.
-- Stab at eyes, temple, throat, armpit, TMJ, solar plexus or sternmum could paralyse or kill.
= A thick & big shirt or jacket: Hold at center or at the outer side.
-- To distract aggressor. Suffocate by covering whole face then hold tight.
= Black bin bag: thank to its decent strength, you have yourself a nice suffocater.
-- Usages similar to the clothing above. Could break the neck by twisting hard after first step.
= Belt: a utility weapon.
-- Fold up use as last-resort baton. Lassoing to disarming. Quick hook to suffocate or break neck.
= Medium steel umbrella: As long as no sharp part, you are free to carry anywhere.
-- Weapon disarming. Use as baton. Improvised stabbing.

= Papers: A super useful utility you can find anywhere.
-- This is a secret that spec forces and intelligent agents share. Origin from Mossad. With special foldings, you can make a makeshift stabber. Folded up on long side a brass knuckle. Roll up many papers to make a makeshift baton. A nicely folded group of papers can create a good anti-stabbing shield.

Weapons are around us. It's just most of us do not know how to exploit them.


2013-06-23 09:54:52

Someone you don't know comes in your house to steal (or do who knows what), you have every right to do as you see fit, IMO. True, the wise course would've been to slink back upstairs and call the fuzz, get ready to pounce if need be, but as you say, the military teaches you to use the element of surprise and not let the enemy gain an advantage.

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

I could have been toasted if they had something bigger than that shiv. Also, the reason I grabbed the hairsprayer was because it's the nearest thing I saw, beside my shirt. If I had to choose the ideal weapon, I would have grabbed my GF's fashion magazine and a fountain pen. I used to have a karambit, but I put it somewhere downstair. In fact, all the knifes and even screwdrivers are downstair! I was totally unprepared for any attack from these situations...

I could have called the cops first, wait for these assholes moved more inside and take surprise by knocking them unconscious with hockey stick. But as usual, I'm the kind of dude who got himself in countless troubles previously just because of curiosity & stubbornness.

I believe if the same thing happens to you, I bet you would put two in each asshole's head, cops came clean up and you get awards. We are living in two totally different world...


2013-06-23 19:51:43

It's like real combat... you never know what you'll do, till the moment arrives.

Have you updated your locks, doors and windows? Sounds like you're renting. maybe the landlord can reimburse you for the money spent on better security...

It just sounds like we're from different worlds. I used to always leave my keys in the ignition and my front door open when I was at home or nearby, but these days, with the economy (locally) so bad, everything's a potential target for thieves.

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

Yes I'm renting. I talked to the landlord about the door's lock, she allowed me to add a deadbolt and heavy duty strike plates for both 2 locks. As for the door's view and windows, we added security bars to them yesterday. My neighbor was jokingly said my house looks like a bird cage. Better like that than getting another home invasion.

My neighboorhood was belonged to safe area to live. The economy causes these problems. A month ago there was gang shooting near our area and 1 person was wounded.


2013-06-23 22:34:12

I wouldn't want to mess with you, yike. I never thought papers or a plastic bag could kill. So, if next time some thief or robber enter your house with guns, you would give them hell? Or you just hide and call 911? I will hide and call cops. I couldn't give up my life. However, if I have to defend myself, what should I do?

Also, based off defence tactics, what would you do when you are barehands against 3 to 4 armed attackers?

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

And I do not want to mess with anyone either, unless it's a must.

Depend on the situations where I decide how to react. If there are only 1 or 2 guys with gun/knife, I would lure them to a tight hallway. Now you may say this is the worst idea, but it's ideal for trapping. Remember, the aggressors' goal is to keep a distance with you to control you, by closing their controlling distance, you get a bigger chance to disarm or neutralize the aggressors. Choosing the right weapon for this situation is short distance ones that has lethal parts. In close distances, your attack momentums is limited so you need something that has high lethal features. From pens, needles, scissors, screwdrivers... to short blades. If you have none of the stabbing weapons, get a rolled mag. This is the last-resort assistant. The main weapons now are your limbs. Grapplings and elbowings are your best friends now. Aim at upper body's pressure points. I'm sorry but you have-to injure or even kill them. Once you controlled the gun holding guy, do not hesitate to use the gun, shoot to kill the rest with procedure of '1 head, 1 chest'. When cops arrive, tell the 'exactly' what you did. It's safer to tell the truth since you involve killing. However, for more safe-against-the law in provinces like Ontario; use gun to control them, but do-not tie them up. Because the Citizen-Arrest law in Canada is extremely unstable and could land you in court, instead of the aggressors.

In the situation where there are more than 2 attackers with guns. This quite unlikely if: 1) You are very rich 2) They are here to kill you 3) Coincident? Wrong house, lol? Let's pray and hope the cops you called will arrive quickly with SWAT, or whatever. Unless you have a safe or panic room, or an escape route; your chance of surviving is pretty low. But it doesn't mean you can't do anything. And that's why most US citizens are safer than Canadian: You need guns. Their leader will not be the one who goes and search for you. If you have family/friend, keep them, ALWAYS behind your location. Last thing you need is hostage. Your family/friend need to keep quiet and some of them need improvised weapons. If your house/apartment has wide space, use medium distance weapon like iron bar, staff or an umbrella. Basically something around 1 meter long that's solid. Better if it has pointy heads.

Now, you can-not use traditional holding and traditional attack (e.g. swing like a bat) since: 1) Not enough room for long momentum attacks 2) Slow movements, every second is gold 3) Wasting energy. Instead, (depend on your handedness) hold the strong hand near one end of the staff/bar; while the other hold at middle. This is from Wing Tsun's staff fighting. There are several effective attacks you could use with this in any environment:

- Distance controlling: This is the most effective defensive way. You could back or close in easily.
- Thrusting: Same hold, push hard & fast the staff/bar toward face, eyes and throat.
- Close-swing: In case step above missed, short hard swings to temples, either side of neck or jaw.
- Disarm: There are two ways.

= Close-gap by pushing fast toward target, with the armed limb inside the staff. The strong hand twist the weapon toward target then pull out, 'while' other hand keep holding staff and keep holding/pushing in his hand. Any attack from target's other hand is weak.
= Hit the armed limb's pressure points, either shoulder, near-armpit or arm joint will resulting target loosen the weapon. However, unless the target is weak, he will not drop it immediately. Right after first attack, short-swing staff to weapon-holding wrist hard. This could result twisting or breaking target's wrist & palm. Swing vertically the staff where the middle point between your two holding hands to his forehead. Target should fall. Push and trip him/her to assist. Follow a finish blow to forehead once target hits the ground. Or backhead if he/she falls toward you. Least damage is unconscious, but most should be dead.

First way is non-lethal, you could use the target as a human shield/hostage or tie him/her up. When using target as human shield, do-not expose your arm in front, like you see in Hollywood shits. Instead, hold target's shirt/coat's neck to control him. Put the gun on back of his head.

However if 2nd way is your choice, proceed with care. As soon as you get the weapon, check for ammo and safety switch. Most guns will have nearly full ammo. Check for his/her body for extra ammo. Remember how many rounds left once you have fired. Unless you had lived outside of human society, you should know by-now how to stand and operate the firearm by learning from media. Better if you know technically how to use firearm. Proceed slowly whenever you approach doors or hallways. Always check corner. Listen for noises.

To shoot a target, aim at his/her middle body, and fire 2 rounds. If target tries to move his/her armed limb, shoot at the armed limb's shoulder. In most situations, target will not die immediately and still alive, but too shocked by pains to move. Collect the dropped weapon. Good, you could use him/her as bait, because the others will seek for the shots' location immediately. Proceed to a corner or cover where you could see the downed aggressor. Wait for the other to close in.

9 out of 10 targets will check for their wounded. If not, at least they will look at their wounded for even a short moment. This is your chance to act. Again, there are 2 ways:

= First way only works effectively if you are a good firearm operator. Shoot twice at the standing target's middle body. If there is other guy, either fire at him/her, or fire near his/her head to suppress. They will duck to cover. Whenever they move out of cover, shoot single round to suppress them. Do not rapid fire, you must conserve ammo.

= 2nd way is suppressing fire's mode, for most firearm rookies. Same as above, short round, fire only if you see target(s). Most criminals will use Glock or Berretta pistols, which has more than 10 rounds per mag. You will have at least 20 rounds since you collected other weapon. This amount of ammos is enough for you to keep them at bay until polices arrive.

If they move out of cover, and still proceed even you have shot, rapidly blindfire 2 rounds at the target. If gun jam, quickly slide the gun's slide back then release to unchamber the round, blind fire before moving out. If gun ran out of ammo, do not change ammo, instead switch to the other gun, then repeat blind fire. Always keep ammo/gun as the position(s) where you could reach them nearest. If a gun out of ammo, quickly slide the slide back to firing position. You could still use a dummy empty gun to intimidate.

Remember, even in suppressing mode, you should have the mindset of 'I-try-to-hit'. Always aim at center of target's body to maximize the hit zone.


Once polices have arrived (you should hear them), the aggressors will proceed in 2 different way:

1) Retreat to face the polices, special task forces should be ready at doorways by now. Hold your position.
2) Close in to you, they seek for hostages. Move back, carry both guns. but keep making loud noises, because they'll follow you in case of they seeking for your family/friend. Aggressors will proceed slowly, especially after the firefights with you. You move in a room, keep making noises, while barricade the door. No matter if you have ammo left or not, speak loud to them that you will fire if they enter. STAY away from the door, stay low. Chances are they will fire at the door several times. Most important part: you HAVE to keep talking to them, talk loudly, yell and make noises. Why? To keep the away from looking for your family/friend and buy the polices sometime.


Once gunfire/whatever happens outside and you hear polices' voices, immediately-drop all guns away from you, crouch, hands to head but do-not stop talking/yelling because you need to indicate that you are the hostage. Follow the cops even they cuffed you. Show them where your family/friend is.

Speak everything you had done.