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Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - June 29th, 2013

I love airsoft. It give you the pseudo-impression of owning firearm. Unlike the American's law's on airsoft, instead of the classic orange tips, we get clear-body. Which makes the guns more fragile. Airsoft does come with all sorts of problem.

Because I use airsofts as tool to practice firearm handling, dropping and breaking them would be a nightmare. Most of the accessories I bought from airsoft are magazines and clips. I have duct tapes patching broken mags & clips everywhere. The other problem is I have painted or taped all the guns black, or put camo on them. They look exactly like a real gun. Early summer this year, I let the neighbor's kid borrow a Barrett M468 (most accurate rapid-fire gun ever), which I put black paint on it. The teenager was wearing full tactical gears of mine and ran to his house. Then his dad came and complain that he almost scared the shit out of his mother. I literally laughed out in front of the kid's dad. But the worst came, he took my C-TAC CTAWP and shot his dog. Two BBs stuck in the poor dog's stomach. I ended up begging his parents not-to report to the police while I paid all the medical bills for the dog and never let that monkey near my airsoft again...

I have assembled a small team of people who enjoys being pseudo-warfighter, video game's nerds and those like me who misses the real battlefield. We all want to fight each other like a bunch of rag tag soldiers. However more problems come...

There isn't a field for airsoft in my area. Granted, paint-ball arenas are plenty, but I don't want to play with kids who think airsoft is somekind of toy gun. Granted again, airsoft probably is somekind of adult's toy. Plus paint-ball arenas look very boring, not much obstacles to fit a place for airsoft players to fight. Then we thought outskirt places like small forests, abandoned factories/buildings and wastelands. So a guy said he found an excellent place and we got ready for the next day. We arrived at the destination, got out, prep and start shooting each with our high-powered airsoft guns. The next thing we knew was, the place we were in is a popular camping area. We started running toward our vehicles while cursing the plan guy. We drove like hell on highway, and actually had police's cars tailing us. We finally lost them at somewhere near Simcoe. It was a weird experience...

I wish I have a large backyard where I could shoot whatever target I want. Of course, not animals. But moving target is still cool. So I have come up with a remote sliding target that assembled from auto's parts. THEN problem came... My cat kept jumping in front of the target every time it moves. He just enjoyed catching that fake-looking rabbit thing. Now it's my cat's new toy, and I still don't have a satisfied target.

I'm also very afraid of my cat swallowing the BBs. No matter where I hide, he can just find them. So I put every BB bags I have in my GF safe. And now he scratches the safe every time he walks by, lol -_-

The upside of loving airsoft is, my GF also loves them. She have two Glock 17, specially ordered from US. And they aren't clear body (I have no idea how they passed postal custom). She's also a firearm expert. At least next time she could scare some robber with them if I'm not around. He he...


Speaking about my cat, I also killed him several times. Don't know if they were intentional or accidental. However it happens every time I went drunk. And most of the time was opening the door. One time I almost ran over him when I was mowing grasses.

I guess I shouldn't drink any vodka, as I promised my GF so...



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What kind of sadistic kid would shoot his dog with an airsoft sniper rifle O_o

Well he's the kind of kid who enjoys hurting animals. He's 15 years old already and still act like 5.

Last year summer, he trapped a whole raccoon family in his dad's large mice trap. He used the sticks to poke them, then finally drowned them in the nearby creek. The whole process was witnessed by an old neighbor. It actually made news on CBC. His dad got questioned by cops and reporters. The whole thing was like some circus joke. I still didn't know how the heck did he trap those raccoons.

Other time he chased my poor cat with a remote toy car, while I was out.

The difficult thing is his dad and me are good friends. Every time I need to get something fixed, I need his dad. So in return, I watch over his kids whenever their parents are out.

Yeah, next time someone wants to borrow something, think twice... think 3 times! I loaned a BB gun to this one drunk, he ended up breaking it over someone's head.

Sorry to hear you slammed the cat :\ hope the door wasn't too heavy, and nothing got pinched.

Went to the vets, at least they said there isn't any broken bone. There are some bruise on his body. The door is indeed heavy, we have installed several solid core doors after the home invasion. To avoid repeating the problem, I take note whenever he goes outside or inside, so that I would carefully open doors and check for his present.

My cat is somekind of adventurer. One time he disappeared for weeks. We went around the neighborhood posting his pictures. And then at the end of 5th week, he showed up with 3 other cats in front of our house. I never forget the moment we saw him for the first time in weeks, and my GF was ultra happy for the rest of the day.

I thought I trusted that kid, since his parents and us are very close neighbor. The kid is quite troubled. Unlike his siblings, he enjoys violent and torture on animal. From shooting cats with slingshot, to drowning raccoons. Our neighborhood actually made the news quite few time thanked to that troubled monkey. He's quite 'gifted' when comes to making weapons. The bad thing is he always uses his creations on live targets.

The BB guns we have are mostly high powered. Like you said, I need to be careful to whoever wants to borrow my arsenal.

They say those are the first indicators of a serial killer, sadism toward animals. l:

His dad likes to say that kid's dream is to become a soldier. He may become a legitimately killer. The kid also had mental problem when he was very young. Right now doctors say he's normal, but I don't trust him one bit after he used my lawn mower to try to run over my cat...

Yeeaaaaahhhhhh something's definitely not right with that kid.
He tried to run over yer cat with a fucking lawn mower?!

At least 3 people saw him do it, but I wasn't there. He actually mowed it over some of our tomato trees. I would explode if I saw him do that in front of me. Of course, the kid is very cunning. He wouldn't do these in front of our watchful eyes.

This kid is some sort of narcissist. You were totally right, he could become a serial killer someday.

That is pretty fucked up, to say the least.

I dearly hope he does not become a serial killer :l

It's a good thing he gonna become a soldier, at least he could actually kill a bunch of people legally (look, I don't mean war is good, it's just educating a narcissist is very hard to success, but we could try our best)

A soldier should strive for peace not war, but yeah I get what you're saying, better to have kills on the battlefield than kills on the home front.

Well, our backyards are his current battlefield. Probably a practice place before he starts to fuck somebody's life up.

Well that's a comforting thought :l..

Except the kid, and except that exceptional home invasion, our place is pretty good area to live. Supermarkets, groceries and diners nearby. Near 2 main intersections. It's a beauty place.

It does sound pretty nice despite those two incidents.

Hopefully the woman in your life has been keeping you pleasantly occupied...

Having re-read your initial responses, it seems I've got a similar problem. Though the kid isn't hostile, he's potted, as in a heavy marijuana user, and keeps some iffy company, who use him and his house to do 'whatever'.

I'm sure there's more stories that have happened since then, I'd like to hear them someday :(

Very much looking forward to your return!