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Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - June 29th, 2013

I love airsoft. It give you the pseudo-impression of owning firearm. Unlike the American's law's on airsoft, instead of the classic orange tips, we get clear-body. Which makes the guns more fragile. Airsoft does come with all sorts of problem.

Because I use airsofts as tool to practice firearm handling, dropping and breaking them would be a nightmare. Most of the accessories I bought from airsoft are magazines and clips. I have duct tapes patching broken mags & clips everywhere. The other problem is I have painted or taped all the guns black, or put camo on them. They look exactly like a real gun. Early summer this year, I let the neighbor's kid borrow a Barrett M468 (most accurate rapid-fire gun ever), which I put black paint on it. The teenager was wearing full tactical gears of mine and ran to his house. Then his dad came and complain that he almost scared the shit out of his mother. I literally laughed out in front of the kid's dad. But the worst came, he took my C-TAC CTAWP and shot his dog. Two BBs stuck in the poor dog's stomach. I ended up begging his parents not-to report to the police while I paid all the medical bills for the dog and never let that monkey near my airsoft again...

I have assembled a small team of people who enjoys being pseudo-warfighter, video game's nerds and those like me who misses the real battlefield. We all want to fight each other like a bunch of rag tag soldiers. However more problems come...

There isn't a field for airsoft in my area. Granted, paint-ball arenas are plenty, but I don't want to play with kids who think airsoft is somekind of toy gun. Granted again, airsoft probably is somekind of adult's toy. Plus paint-ball arenas look very boring, not much obstacles to fit a place for airsoft players to fight. Then we thought outskirt places like small forests, abandoned factories/buildings and wastelands. So a guy said he found an excellent place and we got ready for the next day. We arrived at the destination, got out, prep and start shooting each with our high-powered airsoft guns. The next thing we knew was, the place we were in is a popular camping area. We started running toward our vehicles while cursing the plan guy. We drove like hell on highway, and actually had police's cars tailing us. We finally lost them at somewhere near Simcoe. It was a weird experience...

I wish I have a large backyard where I could shoot whatever target I want. Of course, not animals. But moving target is still cool. So I have come up with a remote sliding target that assembled from auto's parts. THEN problem came... My cat kept jumping in front of the target every time it moves. He just enjoyed catching that fake-looking rabbit thing. Now it's my cat's new toy, and I still don't have a satisfied target.

I'm also very afraid of my cat swallowing the BBs. No matter where I hide, he can just find them. So I put every BB bags I have in my GF safe. And now he scratches the safe every time he walks by, lol -_-

The upside of loving airsoft is, my GF also loves them. She have two Glock 17, specially ordered from US. And they aren't clear body (I have no idea how they passed postal custom). She's also a firearm expert. At least next time she could scare some robber with them if I'm not around. He he...


Speaking about my cat, I also killed him several times. Don't know if they were intentional or accidental. However it happens every time I went drunk. And most of the time was opening the door. One time I almost ran over him when I was mowing grasses.

I guess I shouldn't drink any vodka, as I promised my GF so...



Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - June 21st, 2013

June 14. Friday. My girlfriend and I were having good sleep together upstair. Then I heard something broke downstair, I woke up immediately. First I looked at the clock and it was only 3:30 AM. I thought it was my cat Edel dropped a vase or something, but then I heard footsteps echoed. What scared me that it was multiple footsteps walking. So on one hand I quickly grabbed my girlfriend's iron hairsprayer while the other I grabbed my t-shirt and quietly headed downstair.

All thanked to the bright streetlights shined in our living room that I saw these 2 guys which were opening all shelves. One of them were holding something that looked like somekind of shiv. I gently moved down and slowly sneaked behind the shiv-holding guy. He turned around and swung the shiv at me. I got a cut on chest, but then I covered the guy's head with the t-shirt, then struck the pointy part of the hairsprayer to his temple, twice. He dropped the shiv and felt down like a heavy bag. The other guy saw me and tried to throw a punch. Thanked to my past time military training, I tripped him while striking the hairsprayer to his forehead. I moved behind him and struck several times on head's back, neck, temple and finally one hard strike to the throat. He dropped down with no movement.

I woke my girlfriend, tried to calm her panics, grabbed the cellphone to dial 911. Cops arrived in less than 10 minutes (a miracle!). So the 2 cops walked in with their weapons on, told me to turn on the room's light. Once light was on, I immediately got goosebumps on my whole body. The 2 robbers weren't just being unconscious, one of the guy's head was bleeding. Right away, a cop checked their pulses on necks while another asked me what weapon did I use. I was still holding that hairsprayer, it has some blood on it... The 2 cops whispered to each other something then asked us about our identifications. Cops took photos around, collected the shiv and the hairsprayer; took our fingerprints. Then an ambulance vehicle arrived, paramedics moved in with their equipments and quickly moved the 2 'sandbags' on the ambulance vehicle.

Cops asked me to go with them. I cooperated and sit in the back of their police car. They drove to police station. I immediately got moved to a room with some cop. Then I didn't know how long was it, because literally a lot of questions were asked. I told them everything, including how I fucked those robbers, exactly what I wrote on here. Then we moved to another room and asked me to sign some paper, I did what they asked. Next thing I knew was I sitting in the jail, next to all kind of throat-cutting jerks. I did get some cup of water, but no food. God knew how long I was in there. I sit, walked, slept, took dumps then repeat. Then some cop came, took me out to the same room I first arrived, and we talked. He told me I was detained. I was close to being arrested. No charge was laid on me. But the cop repeated several times that I was lucky. He also told me that the robbers were recovering in hospital, but none about their crime situation.

So... why I was only detained...
- What I did on self-defence was reasonable and within Bill C-26's Section 34, 35 & 36.
- Attackers carried weapon, and did attacked me first with it.
- Attacker harmed me. Although it was very minor.
- The weapon I use was unconventional. The police did examine the hairsprayer, and it has no sharp part. Lucky, indeed.
- I defend my property on reasonable ground.

However, later I learned that the shiv-holding guy was arrested, while the other robber walked free. What the fuck, I told myself so. The cut on my chest is still hurting, but it hurts me more when criminal walks free. I'm very glad only a small newspaper talked about this incident. It sunk into the silence on next day.

What if I struck these 2 assholes harder? What if the hairsprayer had sharp parts? What if they had no weapon? I would be arrested, or ever lay charge with 2nd degree murder and get locked up at least 10 years.

Or. What if they had something longer than a shiv? What if they had gun or projectile weapons? What if I had nothing to defend myself? I wouldn't sit here in the living room and typing out this post. I would be at least in comma, or even dead, right now.

Are being a Canadian defenceless against home invasion?

Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - April 6th, 2013

Hello to whoever reading this blog. But especially to those who know or once knew me.

I had totally forgotten about this place until an hour ago, when I stumbled across Battleblock Theater. Have been busy with real life. I enjoy it, work, drink and play. I even met a nice girlfriend, who later moves in to live with me. A wonderful life is ahead of me. However I just forgot my virtual life, on Newgrounds.

And I have found it again, still intact and growing day by day. I sighed. Should I move on without NG? That's a hard decision. And now I am ready to meet you all again.

- waffle

Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - September 11th, 2012

I just spent my time cleaning up my work. Shit songs, WIPs, tracks sound like shit, broken songs (really?) & songs were written during drunktime. You will find more of my music on SoundCloud. The other reason is I'm tired of zero bombers.

Contributions to NG
Donated twice to NG ($25 x 2), lurk around to scout Audio people and look for bad eggs. I accidentally hit a good egg today.

My online life is floating by really slow and boring. Reddit, SlashDot, Stackoverflow, Dreamincode, Newgrounds, TheRegister, 4chan, HackThisSIte, HellBound Hackers... none of these has anything outstanding. I just recently pushed myself on a skiddies forum, Hackforums.net, try to speak to rouge hackers but after a few days I turned bored, again.

I miss these guys, VicariousE and Destrayop. Two funny and interesting chaps that actually make me start to think perhaps my online life ain't so boring as I thought.

No one wants to spam me anymore? I'm bored, come on.

Offline life is actually more interesting. My colleagues stopped to treat me as a 'coffee & code checking servant' and now I'm officially in the job, after like 4 months in. I also get 2 alternative jobs, one on weekend to be a part time English/Math/Computer tutors for kids and one being a webmaster and web developer for a marketing website. Reason why do I work so hard? I want to get a house and a vehicle, Ford SVT Raptor. Volunteering at food-bank after workhours. I like to serve poor people my delicious home-made bakeries & dishes :)

This supposes to be a sub category of Offline life but I have so many things to rant on.
Falafel is probably the best Arabic dish, ever. Plain serve is great and so as serving with the sandwiches. The Jews make delicious dishes like gribenes warm my stomach. American hotdog is the best fast food ever. I love Vietnamese's Pho and Chinese fried rice. Japanese's Tempura & Korean Kimchi. Canadian maple syrup are the best.

And Solyanka, the favorite dish for that bring back deep memories for any East Berliners.

Alphabetical Alcohols
Akvavit, Arak, Beer, Brandewijn Cauim, Damassine, Everglo, Fruit Beer, Gin, Horilka, Icariine, Jagermeister, Kilju, Kirsch, Lager, Madeira, Mezcal, Midori, Neutral grain spirit, Ouzo, Pulque, Qi, Rakia, Rum, Sahti, Sake, Soju, Tequila, Unicum, Vinsanto, Vodka, Williamine, Wine, Whisky, Xaica, Xtabentun, Yukon, Zwetschgenwasser.

I am probably dying from kidney cancer right now. I don't know. I had/have been travel around the world to taste different cuisines and especially alcohols. Lately I even tried out killer drink such as Everclear heavy booze when I traveled to Alberta; it can kill you quickly if you are not a fond boozer.

Did anyone have their moment of silence?

Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - August 9th, 2012

Porn and shit. Gone for 2 weeks. SHit happened!

I got spammed!

Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - July 4th, 2012

Apparently CERN found this big fat boy (much heavier than a heaviest proton) with a so-called name... God(damn) particle (yes, its original mockery name) and busted its ass out of protons moved with near speed of light!!!

Short summary: Higgs boson is what gave all matter one fundamental thing: mass. It explains the missing puzzle piece of how-stuff-works in the universe origin.

Here is the long summaries and tons of other stuff on Wikipedia

Also... I just won 3rd place on June Newgrounds Audio Contest. Moar reasons for me to get some drinking!

Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - June 26th, 2012

"All warfare is based on deception." - Sun Tzu

Computer virus - in hacker slang as 'virii', an incorrect and satiric spelling. In Latin, 'virus' stands for 'poison, venom, toxic & pungency. In a more professional explanation, computer virus is:

- A self-replicating program.
- Rouge program/script that performs malicious task(s).
- An ingenious creation and first evidence of Artificial intelligence.

After 8 months of hardworking, our research is nearly complete. Research and development of next generations of computer virus. We are able to create 3 variants of powerful computer virus that can do every programmed task while seek & analyze new tasks, all by themselves. We also come up with totally new techniques of both offensive and defensive sides.

Here are the 2 'harmless' variants that we want to make public (They don't spread crazily but they can still cause some catastrophic + side effect. NONE of the Antivirus can detect them so be careful; If you are a researcher, feel free to modify or play with it. If you are a criminal, then fuck you!). The 3rd variant is under development. We are going to release our source codes soon in near future.


- Able to terminate and remove Antivirus or detection system completely.
- Replication with an impressive speed.
- Nuke - our new technique for self-destruction, once compromised. Which means it can do such things as wipe clean data or damage firmware.
- Self-mutation to cope with the infected system.
- Reside in RAM.
- Infect firmware of hardware.


- Disguising as any file in the Win32 systems.
- Self-crypt - generate multi-layers of encryption. Featuring our encryption, BlackCode.
- File binding.
- Anti-sandbox & emulation.
- Meltdown - This is a cutting edge for our virus development of armouring technique
- Withstand hard-drive wipe - time to buy yourself a new PC. (This isn't new but our version is much improvised)

I am no genius. Neither my colleagues. We are just a bunch of hobbyists who want to experience with challenges. When come to writing virus, I always ask questions that normal people might think I'm a psychopath! Can I damage this? Can I infect this? How could I wreak this/that without getting detected? How can I nuke a system under a few minutes?

Anyways, here are a list of team members who had or has involved in this behemoth project:

Mentor - Project manager & Researcher.
Waffles (me) - 2nd project manager, core & AI programmer.
Computer112 - Concept programmer & cryptographer. (He is no longer part of the project. Creator of BlackCode encryption)
silencefreedom - Core programmer & Researcher
NorskeDrittsekk - Core programmer
ZionJD - Cryptographer
NorskeDragon - Core programmer
binbashLinuxAhole - Core programmer
Traz - AI programmer
MindFreaker - AI programmer
Cr22ck - Core programmer
DeathWaltz - Core programmer
Trev0r - Adviser
T1g33r - Adviser

Pic below is showing a core section, let's say part of the brain of the BlackRain computer virus.

Computer Virus - The Genius of Rouge Design

Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - June 5th, 2012

1) Introduction?

For educational purpose, ONLY!

Waffles, is my 'stage name'. I'm a senior security researcher that doesn't follow any rule make to limit my abilities and skills in order to reach the unlimited of the cyber world. In other word, I'm a rouge employer. Greyhat by trade.

Off-note: :) if you find my music is interesting then thank you.

2) Purposes for our existence

Know your target and know yourself

Officially founded in 2008, Black Tiger Security is an international tiger team joined forces from former hackers, software crackers, phishers and rouge goons of all type in computer security. We have foreseen the ongoing potential warnings and dangers of an all out cyber war between nations and international attackers.

As one of the key members from our tiger group, I commanded and helped the members to carry out monthly massive and sophisticated blackbox attack on several government, business and industrial infrastructure and database of US/CA/ME and DE/NL/UK/FR/IL sections. Started with well planned phases, tactics and ended with devastating strikes.

Our attack purposes are to carry out simulation of massive industrial espionage, possible cyber terrorist attack and all-out cyber war. To be corrected by anyone who knows us, we are not security thinktank. We are just simple a bunch of computer experts who like to tweak and breach limited things. We rarely write whitepapers and reports. We only provide them if our clients need detailed information on what we do.

3) Example of our simple attack

We rather sink the Lulzboat and drown ourselves than be all pirates with the Lulzlosers.

http://www.2shared.com/document/nAIR4Y8T/Militar ySinglecom.html

Our dumps, bitches.

MilitarySingles.com REViSiTED aka RePwned!

A few weeks ago, remain of disbanded Lulzsec dumped data of over 100,000 accounts (mostly US military data) from MilitarySingles.com and let they web knows 'they're still alive, duh!'

Admin of MilitarySingles.com denied the breach and called the hack was 'bogus, never happen...'

Our group isn't ordinary script kiddies but we were reluctant and had to jump on the same Lulzboat as those kids to prove the points that MilitarySingles admin is a jerk.

Phase 1: Scan for footprints (1 hrs)

NorskeDrittsekk, f0ny and I carried out the attacks.

We scan for target's server, database type, security measurement, administration's information...

f0ny masters this phase. He wrote a custom search engine just for footprinting finding. With f0ny's tools and combined with his clever placed dorks we ale to find out MilitarySingle.com data info such as MySQL version, SSL, Apache version, administration login site, open/close ports, leaked sensitive info.

Phase 2: Blind Strikes (3 hrs)

NorskeDrittsekk carried out this phase. He is an excel hacker in web-app security. ND and I sit back together and bring out our secret weapons only use for APT attack and simulations.

simple code injections, SQLi, XSS, RFI, LFI up to Man-in-browser, IFi, path traversal attack, session hijack, XPath, CSRF.

After 3 hours we got over 10 results of possible vulnerability. One is 0-day in MySQL. But we focus on basic SQL Injection this time. We found a bug. Big one.

Phase 3: The Heist (30 min)

I planned this phase. ND provided massive proxies and bot harvested by ZionJD. This phase is quick, dirty and deadly. We were able to extract over 170,000 user datas out of MilitarySingle.com and send it to a semi-isolated server located somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Cleaned our path, all done.

Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - May 31st, 2012

Recently a few friends and I ran into some smeared fishy fish basket and fishes splatted all over the Audio Portal... I'm seriously damn sorry! OOPS!

Took us a while to clean it up. A guy from audio moderator teams caught us red handed. We surrendered. Weapons down, handed over and... a jerk confessed (see the URL above)... but like he said: his post doesn't represent everyone who involved in kicking that fishy basket.

So, I gotta write this post. Not totally his faults because he didn't make the tool. I CREATED the damn exploits. Someone else kicked the basket first but I picked up the fishes, made them more sting and threw at the Audio Portal and everyone's faces.

So yeah, entschuldigung...

Posted by Wurfel-Waffles - April 26th, 2012

Today I witness a mouth fight between 2 groups of programmer at local 'geek bar' (Markham, ON) which I almost got myself into it! Lol just went to pickup some whiskeys and shit just blew out...

More like a lame of long age debate rather than a 'battle' (although we got some quite nasty body languages were going on!).

I have been using over 20 different programming language for different purposes. I like the most is C, OOC, Python, TASM, BASIC, Delphi, C# and recently Go.

So, what was the topic? Simple: Is C or C++ better at general programming purposes?

Which is better?

Hold on a sec. Aren't we all programmers? So we all gotta ask and act like a proper programmer!

Better at what? And why is it better?

C was developed by Dennis Ritche and innovated by Ken Thompson between the years of 1969 - 1973. It is a structured imperative and procedural language; or we shorten that as system programming language. it's a non-linear language that allow variables to flow freely. C was used to develop UNIX system; world first proper OS.

Here is the reason why I still adore C:

C advantages:

+run-time: sized array of stack (therefore faster runtime!),
+Freedom of array uses. Hoora for who used languages before OOP generation.
+Safe static initialization = crash compiling avoidable.
+No extra riff raff library. Look at C++...
+Shorter code calls.

for example we use free(x); or free(x_array);

while C++ you gotta:

int *x = new int;
int *x_array = new int[10];
delete x;
delete[] x;



C get line:


C secret weapons:

- Multi different language implementation >> hacker's best friend (most malwares are in C or ASM).
- Standard ABI >> Every programmer's best friend.

Still love C++? Check out OOC! Oh yeah.

O la la.

The Great but Lame of C vs C++